DFP-55: Whitelist QuickswapV3 token and certain LP's for Polygon

    Author: Infinite Trading
    Created: Creation date in 2024-02-15
    Status: Draft

Motivation: We propose the integration of QuickSwap token and LP’s for Polygon network within the dHedge platform. This feature enhancement aims to provide our users with access to attractive yield opportunities while leveraging the benefits of the Polygon network. The current integrations does not offer any meaningful yield for Polygon network which is limiting the TVL grow and the possible strategies that we can implement there.

Description: QuickSwap is a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Polygon network, offering users fast and low-cost transactions compared to other Ethereum-based DEXs. By integrating QuickSwap, dHedge users can benefit from attractive yields. QuickSwap offers a wide range of liquidity pools with attractive yields, allowing dHedge users to earn rewards by providing liquidity.

Implementation: QuickswapV3 is a fork of Uniswap so the integration will be similar to UniswapV3.

Additional note: To be able to generate yield, we must add QuickswapV3 token as well to the whitelist.

We look forward to your feedback and support towards implementing this exciting feature.

Thanks for the proposal. Can you edit it so that it follows the correct format as specified here

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Just saw this went to vote. Sorry, vote can’t be made with this proposal in this state. It needs to be formatted properly. The proposal as it is now is invalid.

Please fix your headings. We’ve made a template you can follow. DFP Template based on DMP-2

You create the proposal if you want, me and my other partners will vote for it.