Announcing dHEDGE V2

Hi all, excited to share the official announcement of dHEDGE V2:

Read more on the Medium Post:
Announcing dHEDGE V2. Any Asset, Anywhere | by dHEDGE | dHEDGE_ORG | Aug, 2021 | Medium


Looks nice. Is there some tutorial that explains all the features to new managers? I remember that some tutorials have been created, but is there some documentation from the developers that explain all the possibilities and how to apply them?

Iā€™m missing a mouse-over explainer for all the icons that appear with a pool. The performance mining is explained, but the others are not.


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Thanks @runex, V2 tutorials and product tooltips are indeed a good idea. Did you have some initial features you stumbled upon that you thought would be good to have a tooltip?

P.S. feedback is super encouraged on

Cheers, Daniel

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the tooltips where mostly for the icons, which are displayed together with the pools. I logged it in canny.

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