[Bounty] Upgrade dHEDGE in Mask plugin to V2

Hi everyone,

Just want to share the information that I’ve just created a new bounty details for [Bounty] Upgrade dHEDGE in Mask plugin to V2. Please note it’s already been assigned to the same developer that worked on [Bounty] Integrate dHEDGE in Mask plugin · Issue #1 · dhedge/dhedge-docs · GitHub

Mask plugin V2 bounty entry just got in! Looks neat!

Bounty has now been completed! I will need to fund $2500 + $250 fee in DHT in order to fund the bounty on Gitcoin. So please send 4000 DHT (some margin for price change and gas) to 0xceF7ADD9d395896Bea90fd7c3f109b88F61329F2 please thanks.