Dao: dht buy backs to create clear link between protocol (dht) and the value it generates


This is my understanding of the current situation:

protocol (dht) generates money → uberpool
eco(dao) invests in dht uses its proceedings (pool-tokens).

There isn’t a link between the dao/value generated and dht here. As the protocol generates the basis for all value above it, it seems logical that as it’s more and more used, there is feedback to the dht-value.

  1. It seems therefore logical to me that the dao would buy back dht from the market in small consistent batches throughout the year, based on a portion of the uber pool’s growth for, for example, the last 3 months. Let’s say 8%.
  2. For periods when the uber pool doesn’t grow, it would be nice to have some stable coin assets, or maybe ethereum, depending on your point of reference, that could be used for the buyback of that period. During that period, the dht-price would probably go lower and it’s a nice opportunity to buy some back then. Maybe something like 2%, to get to a nice 10% in total.
    Nobody likes stable coin inflation of course, but with the new v2-platform, the stablecoin-treasury could be lended through aave maybe, to generate some interest without any big risk.

All the rest remains unchanged and the uberpool’s-investments would still support current managers, but it would also create a more direct connection between the protocol and the value it generates.

There are enough knowledgeable people here to create an open and transparent setup for the above, so I leave the technical implementation open. It’s an important part of course and proposals are certainly welcome. The goal is however to have it controlled by the dao in an open and transparant,a nd preferably automatic way.

Looking forward to your feedback.

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