DCP-12: Community Trader for dHEDGE Treasury Aggressive

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Author Taminater
Created 2022-11-17
Status Under Review


dHEDGE has currently migrated its Treasury to Optimism. This is split into 2 funds, conservative and aggressive. As shown here: DCP-9: Mainnet Governance Treasury Migration

This proposal sets out the process to elect a community Manager for the dHEDGE Treasury Aggressive Fund.


Every 3 months a new community Manager will be set as a trader to manage the fund. This will be done using the “enable Trader” function in dHEDGE v2.

The first community trader was Edson(@relativeread), who took control in October 2022.

A new community Manager will be due in January 2023, any current dHEDGE Managers can put together a post outlining why they should be the next community trader. The candidates will then be put up for a governance vote for the DAO to decide.


Potential Managers can be put forward in this thread below for discussion. In January a governance vote will be put forward. The successful Manager will then be set as a trader for the aggressive fund for the next 3 months.


Will go live in January 2023.

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Like this DCP - would be great to also give recognition to the current dHEDGE Treasury Aggressive manager on the dHEDGE UI via some form of badge or blue tick (lol) to show Treasury Trader status