DCP-4: Messari Hub membership

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Author Henrik Andersson
Created 2021-8-31
Status Planned


In an effort to scale the amount of quality, long-form research available I am proposing dHEDGE joins the Messari Hub - a community-driven marketplace that allocates funds to top independent analysts. This would serve to better inform the crypto ecosystem on major developments and ongoing fundamental changes, effectively attracting more builders, investors, and traders to provide value to dHEDGE.


Commissioned reports are available to members of the Messari Hub which is an annual fee of $10k. That comes with:

  • In-depth asset profile (ex: Solana)
  • Access to network of analysts to commission deeper reports which are charged on a per report basis. Examples include:
    • $5k standard initiation of coverage report
    • $10k longer form report
    • $15k deep dive + valuation model
  • Completed profiles and reports are also helped marketed/distributed through Messari’s newsletter (100k+ subscribers) and various social channels

I propose we allocate funds for annual fee (10k), initiating report (5k) and a deep dive + valuation model (15k). The deep dive report can be commissioned sometime later during the membership period.


Once vote passes the payments to Messari would be sent from the DAO treasury.


Vote passed


I strongly support this proposal. High quality analysis with wide distribution could meaningfully increase visibility and adoption for dHEDGE products

Jack from Messari here! To provide some examples, our latest initiation of coverage was on Sperax while we did a valuation for MakerDAO if you wanted to check either of those out.

All commissioned reports live as free resources on our site too (not behind any paywall)