DCP-5: DAO Treasury Diversification

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Author Henrik Andersson
Created 2021-9-07
Status Planned


The dHEDGE DAO has been approached by the Synthetix DAO for a strategic investment of $1M. Strategic investors like Synthetix can help dHEDGE scale to the next level by providing vital support, help with marketing, network as well as provide funds to scale dHEDGE even faster. We would like to take this opportunity to potentially get other investors ,with the right strategic fit, onboard by selling up to 2M of DHT in total.


A sale of DHT tokens from treasury to strategic long-term investors would be done at a slight discount to market price (20%). Tokens would be vesting over a period of 12 months after a 6 months cliff. Meaning full unlock wouldn’t happen until 18 months from the time of the transaction. I suggest up to a maximum of 2M DHT tokens could be sold to strategic investors like Synthetix.


Once vote passes the DAO would put DHT tokens in a vesting contract in exchange for payment.


Vote passed


100% in favor of this proposal - glad to see strategic backers getting involved. Synthethix DAO seems like the perfect fit to kickstart this initiative.

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Proposal seems fine. As the integration with the snx-ecosystem is already important, I think this is a good step forward. I hope to see wonderful future integrations then.

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