DeFi Crab Market Vibe Check Event

DeFi - Crab Market Vibe Check :chart_with_downwards_trend::crab::roller_coaster:

Hello esteemed Degens, Ape, anime character and low res pixel art emojy netizens of the DeFi space,

This event will be dedicated to share insights, observations and visions for the DeFi ecosystem products development.


  1. Go back in time for a quick revision of the origin of DeFi with OG builders who will share how it was to build during the despair of the post ICO boom and crash. The vibes of spartans through a rough crypto winter,

  2. That momentary pause and peak uncertainty with a global pandemic and black crypto Thursday right before money printer went brrrr and the epic kickoff into 2020 DeFi summer.

  3. Crab Market Vibe check:

  4. User / community adoption trends

  5. Growth areas that are observed

  6. Hot new trends the industry goes through:

1. DeFi 2.0
2. Alternative base layer and networks, how do they drive innovation
3. Where does the crab stand in respect to the supercycle?

dHEDGE Twitter Space
Details in the tweet:

Date and Time:

  • :bridge_at_night:San Francisco: July 21st 6pm
  • :statue_of_liberty:New York: July 21st 9pm
  • :de:Berlin: July 22nd 3am
  • :cn:Shenzhen: July 22nd 9am
  • :koala:Melbourne: July 22nd 11am

Hi Hedgehogs!

In case you missed the above event here is a link to the recording:

Great insight into some of the smartest minds in the space.