DFP-10: Add single asset withdrawal option for investors

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Author Edson Ayllon (@relativeread)
Created 2021-10-29
Status Planned


Adding single asset withdrawal would increase the convenience for an investor withdrawing.

Currently, when an investor withdrawals from a pool they are invested in, they get their share of the pool with a share of each token currently in that pool’s balance. This adds an extra step for an investor if they want their assets from the pool in a single asset, such as ETH or a stablecoin. A user would have to trade each asset manually, incurring time and cost via network fees. Single asset withdrawal removes that inconvenience for this kind of user.


With single asset withdrawal, a user may have the option to withdraw their share of the pool to a single asset.

This option is available when there is enough capital in the underlying pool asset of choice. The withdrawal will take from the single underlying asset, changing the asset composition of the pool.

A half a percent fee will be incurred, as the composition change affects the manager. If a manager wanted a specific composition, they’d have to trade again to get the percentage allocation per asset to their desired amount. This fee will be distributed to all token holders of that pool (dHEDGE pool share is reflected as an ERC20).


Single asset withdrawal will be added to the pool logic contract.


Vote passed: Snapshot.

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Thit option is very much needed and makes absolute sense to have.


Putting up to vote here: Snapshot

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