DFP-13: Deploy Optimism and Synthetix Integration with the dHEDGE Horizons Release

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Author Edson Ayllon (@relativeread)
Created 2021-11-24
Status Completed


Deploying on Optimism aligns with dHEDGE’s current multichain vision of “any asset anywhere.”


Optimism is an optimistic rollup Layer 2 that inherits Ethereum’s security.

Synthetix is a synthetic asset protocol that provides zero slippage for traders. It is currently what dHEDGE uses on Ethereum V1 contracts.

The Optimism version of dHEDGE would start off only supporting Synthetix initially.

Initial assets include the following:

AssetName Address AssetType ChainlinkPriceFeed
Synth sETH 0xE405de8F52ba7559f9df3C368500B6E6ae6Cee49 0 0xA969bEB73d918f6100163Cd0fba3C586C269bee1
Synth sBTC 0x298B9B95708152ff6968aafd889c6586e9169f1D 0 0xc326371d4D866C6Ff522E69298e36Fe75797D358
Synth sLINK 0xc5Db22719A06418028A40A9B5E9A7c02959D0d08 0 0x74d6B50283AC1D651f9Afdc33521e4c1E3332b78
Synth sUSD 0x8c6f28f2F1A3C87F0f938b96d27520d9751ec8d9 0 0x645f8ec14d0940Efd7272ba478c12968e8eB9937


dHEDGE V2 contracts would be deployed on Optimism, as they are on Polygon, including the pool factory contract, pool manager logic contract, and pool logic contract. Synthetix would be integrated using a contract guard that whitelists Syntethix for managers.


Vote passed
Roadmap cards:


Great Integration idea.
This will continue to keep us on the forefront.
Synthetix integration with low fees brings back so many more asset options that we can utilize again.
I approve this.


It’s a must have! My experience with synthetix tokens even in L1 was superb. My opinion is that it will be the catalyst for dHedge adoption, specifically due the zero slippage logic. We will witness huge funds preferring it. TVL will skyrocket guys!


Optimism is a must-have. Do we need to vote? :slight_smile: