DFP-15: Add Toros Integration

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Author Edson Ayllon (@relativeread)
Created 2021-12-16
Status Under Review


Adding Toros would simplify using margin for shorts and longs.

Currently, shorts and longs require multiple transactions, switching between Aave and DEXes on dHEDGE on Polygon. Sometimes, opening a short or long this way can provide enough a gap where liquidations may accidentally happen if done manually.

With Toros, a short or long can be opened and closed in 1 or 2 transactions (approve then buy, approve then sell).


Toros provides tokenized single-click derivatives. Currently on Polygon with assets Ethereum and Bitcoin, leveraged longs and shorts.


A contract guard will be added to whitelist the Toros swapper contract.


Vote open


Yes! very much needed.
Will help getting in and out the trades faster. Great integration!

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Looking forward for the integration ASAP …

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Vote live now: Snapshot