DFP-15: Add Toros Integration

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Author Edson Ayllon (@relativeread)
Created 2021-12-16
Status Completed


Adding Toros would simplify using margin for shorts and longs.

Currently, shorts and longs require multiple transactions, switching between Aave and DEXes on dHEDGE on Polygon. Sometimes, opening a short or long this way can provide enough a gap where liquidations may accidentally happen if done manually.

With Toros, a short or long can be opened and closed in 1 or 2 transactions (approve then buy, approve then sell).


Toros provides tokenized single-click derivatives. Currently on Polygon with assets Ethereum and Bitcoin, leveraged longs and shorts.


A contract guard will be added to whitelist the Toros swapper contract.


Vote passed


Yes! very much needed.
Will help getting in and out the trades faster. Great integration!

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Looking forward for the integration ASAP …

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Vote live now: Snapshot