DFP-2: Add Assets: FRAX and FXS

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Author Ermin (@_ermin)
Created 2021-8-18
Status Completed


Frax Finance (https://frax.finance/) has innovated an algo stablecoin that has proven resilient and able to hold a tight peg to the USD. All with higher capital efficiency.
The FRAX stablecoin market cap has been growing steadily and is currently at ~$280M.

Adding FRAX (the Stablecoin) and FXS (Frax Share utility token) on Polygon dHEDGE v2 will allow managers to:

  • Trade FRAX and FXS on Sushi
  • Yield farm FRAX-FXS and FRAX-USDC pools on Sushi


FRAX and FXS can be added as assets on dHEDGE V2 contracts through governance.
Both assets meet pre-requisites to be added:

  • They have a Chainlink USD price feeds on Polygon (can be found here)
  • They have adequate liquidity on Sushi Polygon for managers.


Frax finance links:


Vote passed

Roadmap card

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Sounds like a no-brainer. Liquidity is sufficient in these tokens

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