DFP-26: Allow NFT ownership to whitelist private pool members

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Author Edson Ayllon (@relativeread)
Created 2022-4-15
Status Draft


NFT whitelisting allows managers to create a psuedo entry fee, which can be transferred to any new wallet once bought. This is useful to the investor, if they ever decide to change wallets due to security reasons, they can keep private pool whitelist membership without requiring action from the manager.

NFT whitelisting also allows a manager to manage a private pool at scale, without individually entering new whitelist addresses individually, reducing manager overhead.


Once implemented in the contracts, managers who manage a private pool can specify an NFT collection address by which any address that owns an NFT in this collection may invest in the private pool.


This will be an addition to the private member functionality in the pool manager logic contract, done through the pool logic contract.

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