DFP-30: Update Balancer to Support New Staking Rewards Model

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Author Edson Ayllon (@relativeread)
Created 2022-5-4
Status Completed


Balancer is already integrated on dHEDGE, however, with a recent update to Balancer introducing veBAL, dHEDGE no longer supports farming rewards for LPs. This proposal is to update the contracts to support this new LM incentive model, so managers can receive higher yields on their liquidity.


This proposal is to upgrade our Balancer contracts to support the new veBAL model which changes liquidity mining functionality. Once this proposal passes, and changes to the contracts are deployed, managers will be able to stake their Balancer LP positions for yield displayed on the Balancer interface.


Contract implementation for the new ve model will be similar to the Arrakis implementation, with the exception that providing liquidity and staking are two separate function calls.

The Balancer contract guard will be upgraded to support the new Balancer staking model.


Vote passed