DFP-36: Add more enabled assets to Optimism

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Author Edson Ayllon (@relativeread)
Created 2022-8-1
Status Draft


This is a routine check to add more assets on Optimism.


The criteria are: Has sufficient liquidity on integrated DEXes (less than 5% slippage on a $10k trade) and has a chainlink feed.

This time, only the Optimism token is the only one to meet this requirements on Optimism. Velodrome does not have a chainlink feed, but one can be created for it, as it is a reward token for DFP-35 LPing. As well as BEETS as a reward token for Beethoven X LPing from DFP-34.

Also adding missing tokens that are active in incentivized Beethoven X pools and incentivized Velodrome pools.

Name Symbol Contract
Optimism OP 0x4200000000000000000000000000000000000042
Velodrome VELO 0x3c8b650257cfb5f272f799f5e2b4e65093a11a05
Beethoven X BEETS 0x97513e975a7fA9072c72C92d8000B0dB90b163c5
Balancer BAL 0xFE8B128bA8C78aabC59d4c64cEE7fF28e9379921
Frax FRAX 0x2E3D870790dC77A83DD1d18184Acc7439A53f475
Mai MAI 0xdFA46478F9e5EA86d57387849598dbFB2e964b02
Liquity USD LUSD 0xc40F949F8a4e094D1b49a23ea9241D289B7b2819
Alchemix ETH alETH 0x3E29D3A9316dAB217754d13b28646B76607c5f04


The described assets can be added as assets on dHEDGE V2 contracts through governance. This will pass through the asset guard.


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We should also add Aave Spot token. It would be greatly vantageous for managers as the OP rewards gained is 15%. Managers performance would be boosted while still maintaining practically the same risks. so Aave Token should be added to this list. I also see this as not a problem as we already have aAave token.

OP token: Should have been added since its launch. Speed this up please.

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we alerady have sAave and not aAave as i have written.

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