DFP-37: Contracts Pause During Ethereum Merge

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Author Edson Ayllon (@relativeread)
Created 2022-9-1
Status Draft


Contracts are to be paused to protect user funds and avoid unforeseen incidents.

Chainlink recommends pausing contracts during the merge, even though feeds will remain live. As dHEDGE relies on Chainlink, we recommend going with this reccomendation.

Synthetix will also be pausing their contracts system wide (SIP-271).


Contracts to be paused for 24 hours during the merge, starting before the merge starts. Contracts to be paused include those on Ethereum, and Optimism.


As Synthetix is pausing their contracts on Ethereum Mainnet, dHEDGE contracts will be paused on Mainnet with Synthetix by default.

As for Optimism, contracts will be paused through governance.


No vote yet


Vote goes live next week.

One thing to discuss is whether to pause Polygon contracts as well.

Why not? Better to be safe than sorry :slight_smile:


I can update, seeing the official Polygon bridge is on Ethereum mainnet

Indeed, better safe than sorry

Another thing to consider, on Polygon Toros has leverage tokens, which if paused, would be liquidated if they weren’t move to stables.

Out of the 3, Polygon seems the least likely to be affected. So, I’m more for keeping Polygon running.