DFP-39: Add MAI Finance margin integration

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Author Edson Ayllon (@relativeread)
Created 2022-12-14
Status Draft


Adding Mai Finance would give managers a novel form of borrowing to our available offerings. Managers will have the opportunity to borrow MAI stablecoin against a number of collateral assets not currently available on Aave such as OP.


Mai Finance is a lending Protocol that offers zero-interest crypto lending. The only fee is when debt is repaid of 0.5%. The fee is 0.5% regardless of the length of the time MAI was borrowed. Mai Finance vaults are over collateralized by 130-150%.

This proposal approves MAI Finance as an integration for managers on the chains both MAI and dHEDGE are deployed on, which currently is Optimism and Polygon.


Contract guards will be created for Mai Finance, then deployed after proper testing.


Link to vote.