DFP-40: Add Beefy Finance as an integration for managers

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Author Edson Ayllon (@relativeread)
Created 2022-12-14
Status Withdrawn


Beefy finance would provide yield opportunities with Beefy’s offering.


Adding Beefy finance would allow dHEDGE managers to farm yield on dHEDGE, without requiring the underlying protocols Beefy is using to farm to be enabled on dHEDGE.

Beefy may be deployed on any chain both dHEDGE and Beefy are deployed on. Currently, this includes both Polygon and Optimism, but will expand as dHEDGE deploys on new chains.


Contract guards will be created for Beefy Finance, then deployed after proper testing.


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During development, the developers discovered the effort required for adding Beefy vaults would be approximately the same amount of work as adding the underlying integration for each vault. Therefore, this integration for our protocol did not make sense. Rather, we can integrate the underlying protocols instead.