DFP-41: Allow Managers to set a Minimum Deposit Requirement

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Author Edson Ayllon (@relativeread)
Created 2022-12-14
Status Draft


Adding a minimum deposit amount may be beneficial for managers to prevent very low value investment spam, as well add scarcity-like value to their pools.


Minimum deposit amount may be any amount, and must be set by the manager for any of their given pools. By default, dHEDGE will suggest a minimum deposit of 0, no minimum deposit, on pool creation, but may be changed by the manager creating their pool, and after a pool has been made.

The minimum deposit value, if set, will be set in USD terms.

The minimum deposit will be enforced for the initial deposit. Any subsequent deposits may be of any amount if the user has a token balance meeting the minimum deposit value.


Minimum deposit implementation shall be added with change to the Manager Logic, @param _minDepositUSD minimum deposit amount in USD, and Pool Logic contracts, require deposit to be above the minimum deposit.


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