DFP-44: Deploy dHEDGE on Arbitrum


  • Deploying on Arbitrum aligns with dHEDGE’s current multichain vision of “any asset anywhere.”

  • Arbitrum has more users, more volume, faster growth and a much more diverse ecosystem. It’s now the DeFI hub. This means more opportunities for managers.

  • Arbitrum will probably launch their own token soon, which will put even more light on the ecosystem, and incentives will increase the vaults’ yield.

  • It will allow to onboard new communities (GMX, Dopex, Radiant…).

  • Toros Finance can also benefit from this launch


Arbitrum is an optimistic rollup Layer 2 that inherits Ethereum’s security.

  • The dHEDGE and Toros integration will be easy to set up since it is an EVM chain (like optimism)
  • Many of the dHEGDE Integrated protocols are already available on Arbitrum, including 1inch, Lyra, Uniswap v3, AAVE v3, Balancer.


dHEDGE V2 contracts would be deployed on Arbitrum, as they are on Optimism, including the pool factory contract, pool manager logic contract, and pool logic contract.


Will put up for vote shortly


True, I would support this

It totally makes sense from the expansion perspective, I support this.

Seems like a massive step in the right direction!

It will be a perfect progress for the ecosystem, Full support from here.

I also will support it