DFP-45: Add Sonne Finance Integration


Sonne Finance will allow managers another tool for lending and borrowing assets while also enabling another source of yield.


Sonne Finance is a lending & borrowing dApp native to Optimism.
Its integration would allow managers to borrow certain assets with better interest, and also assets not available on AAVE, like SNX and LUSD, which would result in more profitable strategies.


Contracts guards would be created for Sonne finance, then deployed after proper testing.


A vote will be created shortly


I think this is a good suggestion. Sonne presents good opportunities on Optimism. Toros would also benefit with more vault strategies possible.

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I’m not able to do a proposal, can you write one for Sonne?

Mutualistic symbiosis! Sonne integration would be good for Toros and dHedge, while also helping Sonne get more users/TVL. Sounds like a win for all

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Sonne integration seems like a great idea. :+1: