DFP 56: Add Infinite Trading Yield vaults to the front-end

Author: Infinite Trading
Created: Creation date in 2024-02-15
Status: Draft

Description: We propose the addition of three new vaults to the dHedge Yield section. These vaults have demonstrated strong performance and offer attractive opportunities for our platform’s users.


  1. USD Savings Vault
  • Offers stable returns in USD.
  • Outperforms other USD Stablecoin Yield and Market Neutral Yield options.
  1. Ethereum Savings Vault:
  • Shows strong performance compared to similar options like Toros Finance Ethereum Yield.


  • By adding these vaults, users can diversify their investment strategies and potentially increase their returns.
  • The performance of these vaults showcases their potential to enhance the offerings within the dHedge platform.

Implementation: It’s easy to white-list vault tokens into the front-end and dhedge smart contracts.

Conclusion: The addition of the USD Savings and Ethereum Savings vaults to the dHedge Yield section presents an opportunity for our users to access new avenues for yield generation. This expansion aligns with our commitment to providing diverse and high-performing investment options within the platform.

Please consider this proposal for further discussion and implementation.

Thank you.

I’m not sure what the procedure is to add someone to the front-page I suppose, as the vaults are available, but the Ethereum savings one is one I can support. @edson Is there some procedure or does this indeed need a dao-vote?


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I should submit those individually for voting. What I am requesting is front-end and white-listing within the dhedge pool contracts.

I think the vault contract should be whitelisted into the dhedge protocol to be able to use it within the vaults.

We try to avoid vaults in vaults, because if a manager accidentally or intentionally has 2 vaults deposit into each other, they break both vaults and make all funds in those vaults permanently inaccessible.

There is a way to limit to such vaults the assets that can be added? That way no accidents will happen. I know about that and if my vaults are added I will remove from the allowed assets all vaults. For example, dhedge UI can limit to those vaults which can be added or which can’t. Knowing this, if my vault is added I will never add another vault. If this is not possible then we can create new kind of vaults without the ability to add other vaults, with the purpose of whitelist such vaults.