DFP: 57 Allow Ramses xRAM Claims in Arbitrum

    Author: Infinite Trading
    Created: Creation date in 2024-02-18
    Status: Draft

The current Arbitrum integrations offer limited yield opportunities due to the absence of support for xRAM tokens on Ramses, the primary yield exchange. This limitation restricts managers from effectively generating yield in Arbitrum. Additionally, the rewards from our Arbitrum Ethereum Yield pool remain unclaimed due to this constraint.

Description: To address this issue, we propose integrating xRAM into the contracts white-list. This integration will enable managers to leverage the swETH-USDC pool on Ramses for yield generation. Without xRAM whitelisting, LP rewards from this pool cannot be claimed within the vault. By enabling this feature, managers gain access to additional yield-generating opportunities in Arbitrum, where options are currently limited.

Implementation: The process of integrating xRAM is straightforward and aligns with standard coin integrations within the system.