DFP-58: Add Aerodrome as an Integration

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Author Edson Ayllon (@relativeread)
Created 2024-03-06
Status Draft


Normally this wouldn’t need a vote, however Aerodrome has not only different branding than Velodrome, but they also have a different utility token to Velodrome, encouraging us to do a separate governance vote even though Velodrome has already been approved and deployed.

Adding Aerodrome would give managers an option for generating yield on Base, increasing capital efficiency of manager positions.


Aerodrome is an AMM on Optimism building off of Solidly contracts, and a redeployment of Velodrome V2.


Contract guards will be refactored to support Aerodrome, then deployed.

Price feeds will be created using Aerodrome for assets if no Chainlink feed exists for them.


Vote ongoing.

I think this will benefit the whole dHedge ecosystem and managers. Thanks for putting this proposal together.

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