DFP-8: Add Streaming Fee Option for Pools

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Author Edson Ayllon (@relativeread)
Created 2021-10-20
Status Planned


Adding a streaming fee would allow managers and the protocol to receive revenue even when the high watermark isn’t reached. Currently, managers only have the option to charge a performance fee, which can be minted only the pool has reached a new high compared to the last time this fee was minted.


With a streaming fee managers may charge investors for managing their funds regardless of performance. The rate will be limited to 3% per year maximum.


Streaming fee will be added to the manager logic contract. Streaming fee, if enabled by a pool, will be included in the function that calculates the available fee to mint by a manager.


Vote passed.

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Ok, putting up to vote

Fair enough considering it is limited to 3% yearly.

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