dHEDGE Exposure Action Plan x DeFi Slate

Objectives: Community Growth / Organic Engagement / Onboard New Users / Spread Awareness

Timeline: Weekly implementation starting 4/1/2021

Tasks & Action Plan:

  • Will attend/host live calls, AMAs, meetings w/team
  • Engage often with Discord community + be a leader for conversation//answer questions
  • Help lead the governance proposal creation & be an active voter + governance creator to integrate new products/ideas
  • Work on building longer term community members who want to participate in governance
  • Create improvements in marketing + content
  • Find and utilize community members to help work alongside team (ambassadors etc)
  • Leverage connections to help dHEDGE gain exposure from other outlets as well
  • Continue to be a DeFi power user + user of dHedge & learn as much as possible

Continuous Engagement:

  • Defi Slate will incorporate dHEDGE prominently in our content marketing strategy, offering maximum exposure to our reader base on multiple platforms.
  • Including our dHEDGE pool link in 4-6 posts a week.
  • Creating 1-2 posts monthly specifically for dHEDGE upgrades and releases
  • Using additional incentives to further encourage new users to join our pool or a pool that better fits their risk tolerance
  • Actively market via Defi Slate’s and Andy’s Twitter through mentioning other accounts, retweeting, and liking.
  • Producing video/audio content with Henrik and other dHEDGE team members, as well as connect the team with other content creators. In addition, dHEDGE will be referred to on each episode of our podcast, and will receive 30 seconds of airtime on every episode.
  • An exclusive #dHEDGE channel in our new and growing Discord server.

Content Examples

  • onboarding tutorials
  • guest blog posts
  • written AMA’s
  • videos interviews
  • DeFi by Design podcasts
  • community updates & announcements

Stats & Engagement:

DeFi Slate dHedge Pool

256% return since November 2020
#19 by Pool Score
#9 by Performance
#34 by AUM

DS account twitter

Andy personal stats below (11k followers)

Proposed Compensation:
1200USD equivalent paid monthly in DHT tokens

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Thanks for submitting this DeFi Slate team.

Couple of feedback comments:

  • Happy to have DeFi Slate team attend our existing monthly call (we have one tonight btw: https://twitter.com/dHedgeOrg/status/1374070767118323725)

  • Content creation that leads to conversions and increase in TVL is key, looking forward
    to what you’ll be up to. Please make sure to do what you can to measure it so the impact can be evaluated.

  • For sponsored links or podcast sponsorship, please consider it your organic posting rather than sponsored ads. While dHEDGE EcoDAO will be happy to support such contributions, in this case I don’t think this is a marketing campaign offer, your reward should be an encouragement to continue supporting organically rather than considering DeFi Slate as a commoditized marketing agency. If possible to weave it organically it’s preferred.

The branding is dHEDGE (All uppercase after the first ‘d’)

Happy to review your responses and then support this proposal.



Gotcha. We will include our own experiences of creating, managing, and investing in dHEDGE pools to encourage organic engagement. Rather than podcast sponsor, we will refer to dHEDGE as our decentralized asset management protocol of choice (which it is). This will be the case for all tweets, articles, blog posts, video content, etc. as well.

Edited post to emphasize organic engagement rather than sponsored marketing. Also, fixed dHedge → dHEDGE. Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

Thank your for your proposal.

With respect to feedback, I largely agree with @exponent points.

I think it is fine to position this arrangement as a sponsorship in some cases. For example, if you are doing a Podcast and discuss dHEDGE - you could mention dHEDGE as a sponsor of the show. Many DAO’s engage in this kind of top of funnel brand awareness/marketing activity such as AAVE with Bankless.

Given that DeFi Slate has a growing audience and a reputable brand - I would be comfortable to give you creative reigns over how you believe you could be market dHEDGE. Then at the end of each month, you would be required to provide a brief summary of your marketing activities to receive the contributor reward and then roll over arrangement into the next month.

For example, it would be great if at the end of each month your team could provide metrics on brand awareness/engagement on all dHEDGE related content so we can try to quantify engagement.

Outside of this - I plan to the proposal. Thanks again!

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Recap is here: https://forum.dhedge.org/t/re-dhedge-exposure-action-plan-x-defi-slate/108/2

Awesome work! Great having you onboard, can you please share your ETH address for your compensation.


Do let us know when you have sent the tokens & anything we should know for month #2 (started about a week ago). Thanks alot!

May/June/Early July update:

  1. dHEDGE thread (recent): https://twitter.com/defislate/status/1412928194638798851?s=20

  2. dHEDGE/mStable video collab: Institutional Grade Yield Farming w/ dHEDGE & mStable - YouTube

We have a few things planned for July collab to continue engaging, stay tuned!

July Update:

Fund is going strong still!!

  1. Twitter thread → https://twitter.com/defislate/status/1412928194638798851?s=21

  2. Substack post + Twitter →

  1. Scheduled video demo for V2 & getting onto the testnet for video.

Thanks guys!

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Req comp: $500 usd of $DHT (to be staked/locked up)

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I support this funding request. Andy and the DeFi Slate crew are constantly supporting dHEDGE by creating content that has good reach.

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August Update:

  1. Pool up and running (+ we are finally migrating to Polygon this upcoming month!)

  1. Several Twitter clips/threads on v2 launch + twitter engagement across the board:
  1. New dHEDGE sponsor slot with link to pool at top of newsletter + 30 second podcast audio track for 4 podcasts

  2. Helped identify a Gnosis Safe bug in Polygon and alerted team who have now put efforts into deploying a fix on next update!

Req Comp. 999 DTOP monthly councilor reward to be staked

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Thanks for your ongoing support :smiley: