dHEDGE Partnership with DeFi Pulse

dHEDGE Partnership with DeFi Pulse as a part of V2 Launch program and potentially beyond.


This proposal is suggesting dHEDGE DAO will engage with DeFi Pulse in a 3 months partnership.

The partnership will include a range of promotional and educational activities as well as potential collaborations on new products.


  • Regular AMA sessions facilitated by DeFi Pulse on the DeFi Pulse channels
  • Banner ads of dHEDGE on DeFi Pulse websites
  • Blog Posts covering in depth topics about dHEDGE protocols and community initiatives.

The motivation of the partnership is for dHEDGE to gain access to highly relevant distribution channels that are managed by DeFi Pulse, these channels are very popular with the DeFi community.

The expenditure that the scope of the partnership is 36,000 USD equivalent in DHT.

We’ll aim to gather enough support for this proposal and submit it to a snapshot vote.

  • The funding will come out of dHEDGE DAO and not dHEDGE EcoDAO.
  • DeFi Pulse expressed their intention to hold the DHT and has no intention to sell it in the short term