dHEDGE Stablecoin Yield

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Currently farming FRAX-USDC to earn +21% APY!


dUSD algorithmically farms the highest supported stable pool on Sushi.
It switches farming pools when higher stable yield opportunities arise over time, ensuring optimal performance.

The pool can have exposure to FRAX, USDC, DAI, USDT. These get added as liquidity to Sushi and staked to the respective Sushi farm in order to earn yield. Every time the pool stakes more tokens, it automatically harvests the rewards (WMATIC & SUSHI) and rebalances the newly acquired stablecoins to equal weighing.

After ensuring equal weighing, the pool then provides those assets as liquidity and stakes. Investors have the flexibility of depositing one of the farmed stablecoins.
Upon depositing into the dHEDGE Stablecoin Yield pool, it ensures the deposited asset gets properly rebalanced so it can be supplied as liquidity and staked.️