dHEDGE Uber Pool Governance and Rewards

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This proposal is to change how we re-balance and distribute rewards from the Uber pool.

  1. Re-balance the bottom performing pools into dTOP, I think above $5k balances to limit gas costs is still important at this stage. This will continue to grow the Uber pool by reinvesting in the top performing managers.

  2. Instead of liquidating into sUSD for DHT stakers quarterly rewards, stakers would receive the equivalent in dTOP tokens. This way the funds are still invested in some of the best managers in the world! + earning bonus performance mining rewards (25%+APY ATM). This also aligns with long-term growth of the platform by keeping the assets on dHEDGE.
    Obviously stakers can still sell dTOP to sUSD if required.

I think this is an excellent proposal as it would 1) align stakers more to the platform and the success of the managers 2) keeps the value on the platform while still giving the stakers the freedom to trade dTOP for sUSD would they like to