dHEDGE V2 - Trading Competition!

$100k USD prize pool up for grabs!! dHEDGE V2 trading competition!!

Launching with @SushiSwapon @0xPolygon

Prize pool consists of $100k USD!!
$50k USD in DHT
$50k USD in SUSHI

Prizes go to investors in the top 5 pools at the conclusion of the competition. Based on daily pro-rata average investment during the 30 day competition.

Start: 16th August
End: 15th September

Only 1 pool per eligible manager. Enroll pool by Tweeting using the signup on the registration page at https://app.dhedge.org/competition Winners are investors in the top 5 pools based on % performance.

Join the feast!

Read the Medium post for more details:


Our epic sushi fest has concluded. :sushi: :hedgehog:

:muscle: Awesome performance from all managers involved. Great to see managers highlighting the new features of dHEDGE V2, by utilizing cheap gas to make multiple trades on short time frames.

Congratulations to the winning pools! :partying_face:

The winning pools are:

1st - Guttastemning - Gutta Capital - @GuttaCap
2nd - Simp Capital Polygon - Sergei Chan - @sereja_chan
3rd - 3313.fi_poly - @esbm1701
4th - Black Lion Fund(BLF)V2 - Daniel Schwarz - @liondani
5th - exosphere - grwthhckk - @exospheream

:mega: Shoutout goes to @codingalex of SW capital! Was in the top 2 for most of the competition but just missed out!

:money_with_wings: All investors from the winning pools will receive their initial prize amount as an airdrop in the coming days.

:dollar: The second part of the prize is vested for 2 months and awarded to investors still invested in their winning pool.
If an investor withdraws from their winning pool, they are no longer eligible to receive this vested payment associated with that pool.

Special thanks to Sushi! :sushi: