DHT Staking proposal

There are a significant number of DHT stakers that have unclaimed DHT rewards, going back over 7 months. It is unclear why but it is potentially due to the gas costs of claiming.
Each week of unclaimed rewards adds extra gas due to each week being a separate tranche. Additionally, the core team has started seeing other issues in the backend and frontend related to claiming 20+ weeks in one go.

We propose a solution;
Take a snapshot of all outstanding rewards and aggregate into a new tranche. This will let everyone claim at the cheapest gas price possible and clear the backlog.

Going forward we are looking at different options and would like feedback:

  1. 8 week limit for claiming. After 8 weeks unclaimed DHT will be forfeited by the individual. Can be added to the total DHT for the next rewards snapshot.

  2. Rewards paid out every 4 weeks, instead of weekly.

There are pros and cons of each solution but I am keen to hear what the community thinks?

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I think the gas costs were certainly an issue in the past. I wouldn’t mind jumping to a 4-week distribution, unless that complicaties things.

What’s the issue with claiming 20+ weeks in 1 go. On other staking platforms your reward also goes up and it doesn’t matter if you claim after 1 week or 1 year. Some programs are also doing airdrops on polygon. Even easier. I still prefer ethereum, but as dhedge is also incorporating polygin in v2, I wouldn’t mind the airdrops on polygon either.

After discussing it some more, good way going forward seem to be:

  • Consolidate all unclaimed rewards into one claim
  • Change rewards to be claimed 4 weekly on Ethereum (performance rewards together with staking rewards)
  • Airdrop on Polygon directly to users
  • No time limit for claiming

Polygon may add complexity for restaking claimed rewards, as staking is available only on Ethereum. The gas cost may be a negligible difference, as claim would be cheap on polygon, withdraw from bridge may even be cheaper than withdrawing stake on Ethereum, but bridging back to Ethereum takes a while, and adds an extra step to restaking.

Formal proposal:

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