DFP-5: DHT staking rewards every 4 weeks

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Author Mat Nelsen @Taminater
Created 2021-9-7
Status Completed


This proposal would reduce the gas cost for claiming DHT staking rewards.

There are a significant number of DHT stakers that have unclaimed DHT rewards, going back over 8 months. It is unclear why but it is potentially due to gas costs of claiming.

Each week of unclaimed rewards adds extra gas cost for everyone who claims staking rewards due to each week being a separate tranche.


We propose:

  1. Consolidate all unclaimed rewards into one claim.
  2. Change rewards to be claimed every 4 weeks (in line with performance mining)


Once the vote is passed, a snapshot will be taken of outstanding rewards to be consolidated into a single claim.

Rewards will change from weekly to every 4 weeks.


Vote passed

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That is really necessary. I love it

Full support from me, We are really tired of high gas fees.

Link to the original discussion thread DHT Staking proposal

The rollup process for DHT rewards has been completed.

Rewards from DHT Staking and Performance mining are now available!

This process should be much cheaper for gas!