DHT Token Utility Improvements Suggestions

Hi All,

My name is Matus (@msteis on Twitter), in crypto for 5 years, an ex-Outlier Ventures Token Design Lead, advised 50+ projects on token economy design.

I have been following dHedge for some time and I like what you guys have done with Staking v2. I have a few ideas on how to further improve the token’s value accrual mechanisms. I understand that the team has dedicated years to its development, so I don’t want to come across as overly prescriptive. Instead, I view this as the start of a discussion, bringing together various viewpoints and thoughts.

Here is a couple of ideas as to what the DHT token utilities could be that came to my mind:

  1. Staking to get access to fund creation, i.e. if a fund manager wants to create a fund, they need to stake x amount of tokens. A variation of this would be that fund managers who stake can access various premium features, such as managing a fund in excess of a certain AUM level. The idea is that just as Staking v2 creates a token sink for users, the above-mentioned mechanism would create a token sync for fund managers.

  2. An insurance module protecting funds against hacks and exploits, i.e. users stake DHT into the insurance module smart contract, earn yield that comes from fees and / or newly minted DHT tokens. If a fund is provably hacked / exploited, victims can be compensated using proceeds staked in the insurance module.

Also have other ideas in mind and would be happy to discuss further if the community thinks this is something that would help!

The first idea is great. Could you share more of your ideas and how this may benefit DHT and DAO members as well? Being more exact woould be great.