DMP-2: DFP Purpose and Guidelines

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Author Edson Ayllon (@relativeread)
Created 2021-8-4
Status Included


dHEDGE Feature Proposals (DFPs) are how token holders decide which features are included in the dHEDGE platform. This makes the roadmap more decentralized.

DFPs must be made to benefit the users of the platform—managers and investors.

Examples include integrating with a new protocol or network (such as Sushi or Polygon).


DFPs go through the following process:

  1. Planned
  2. In Progress
  3. Completed

This is reflected in DFP statuses:

  • Draft: Proposal made, but not voted on
  • Under Review: A vote is ongoing
  • Planned: Passed vote
  • Rejected: Failed vote
  • Completed: Change is implemented and deployed

The state of each DFP is reflected in under the roadmap section. The DFP should be linked in ticket and the ticket should link to the DFP

For a feature to start the inclusion process, and enter the planned state, token holders must vote and approve the DFP for inclusion.

To be put to vote, a post must be made in The title of the DFP must start with DFP-X, where X is the DFP number (ie. DFP-1). The DFP number must increase in order (eg. a DFP posted after DFP-1 must be named DFP-2).

Under the title should be the header. Header fields include:

  • Author: Author of the proposal
  • Created: Creation date in YYYY-MM-DD
  • Status: Statuses include - Draft, Under Review, Planned, Completed, Rejected

The DFP must contain the following sections:

  • Motivation - Why include this feature, including use cases
  • Description - What the feature is
  • Implementation - Technical details on how to include this feature

Once the post is created in this format, it can be put up to vote after a minimum of one week since creation, to make room for discussion. The vote is to put the proposal into the planned stage. The vote must link back to the DFP, and the DFP back to the vote. The voting period must be 2 days minimum.

Discussions to DFPs happens under the same forum post of the DFP.


Voting passed.


Great! I support this.

Much better for decentralization and a clear process for governance.

I would add, that if the vote is accepted, a link to the feature-tracker ( should be added to the dfp. The canny-feature should also include a link back to the dfp and vote.

That sounds reasonable. Added