EcoDao Bounty program for fund manager

Hi! I really hope I’m posting in the right section.
Based on the info it seems correct.
I would like to officially request grant funds for My dHedge fund pool.
We are new and without the means to provide an initial large investment into the pool.
What makes us worthy of a sponsor from the DAO?
We believe the true measure is in price % gain.
We have an “Un correlated” vision that we approach our projects with.
Our EDP (EcoDefi Plus) index token is currently - battling 1st place (and winning) zerion’s Top % gainer for the Fiscal month (over 5% as of this writing).
Beating DPI, the new meta verse MVI, and the top gainer (degen index) with ease. Check our Twitter for the info.

We hope to also have our DHedge Index - “Energy & Metals” Shine like the sun :sun_with_face: and outperform the rest % for % and have 2 top indices by Helios Prime.

So we are here - asking for a grant to our pool to bring dHedge more eyes and investors.
Here’s a pic of our EDP index progress so far. Thanks everyone!
Our site is

And our dHedge pool is: dHEDGE

Hi @HeliosPrime

We are not currently directly investing in individual pools. We have completed 2 campaigns investing into new and current pools. If we do a third we welcome you to apply.

If you would like to become a contributor and provide content to help grow dHEDGE we are more than happy to reward you with adequate compensation.
Please outline details including exposure metrics on this forum.


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Thank you! We look forward to applying if a third opens up. :+1::sun_with_face:
Our contributions will be no charge - ever.
We are proud to rep @dHEDGE platform!