EcoDAO Community Call

This thread will include Invites for EcoDAO monthly Community Call.

EcoDAO Community Calls are happening once a month on Wednesday around 20th, usually on 23rd :spiral_calendar:
This thread will be updated with new invite, agenda before call (usually around 9th every month) and notes from call after the call

Archived Docs from previous calls:

dHEDGE Community Call #1

Date: 23/Feb 2020

Attendees: Sergei, Daniel, Anett, Deepcryptoddive, Heal, Ermin Nurovic, Henrik A, Johnkwak, Michael Elisha, Radek, Taminater, Roland, Ty, Odan


  • dHEDGE ecosystem Council updates
  • News on dHEDGE DAO
  • Updates from dHEDGE Team
  • Community updates
  • Open Q&A discussion

Notes from this call are in this HackMD doc

dHEDGE Community Call #2

Date: 23/March 2020

Attendees: Anett, Daniel, Somaya, Michael, Radek, Ermin, gorgoroth,johnny, lucus, rickjoubert, sergei, taminater, John, patiencecoin, cryptokingp


  • EcoDAO purpose (Mike)
  • KPIs
    Operation and schedules:
  • What is the process of requesting funds from the EcoDAO? (how do I receive funding from the EcoDAO?, what evidence should I show for my work etc, what rates )
  • EcoDAO governance charter (how can I join the EcoDAO)
  • Product updates (Ye)
  • dHEDGE Core updates
  • Q&A from the community

Notes from this call are in this HackMD doc

EcoDAO Community Call #3

Date & Time : 20.April 2021 at 3 pm UTC / 8am PST

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Joining details:

Meeting Link: Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 838 2011 2409
Passcode: dHEDGE


  • EcoDAO council housekeeping (chair goes chair comes - surprise :wink:
  • Whole new product released dTOP :tada: : hear about it from the core contributors
  • dHEDGE user adoption and stats update : Ye and Ermin
  • Bounty program: Ye + Maciek
  • Roadmap feedback requests (Daniel)

Notes will be added after the call, we are looking forward to meet you on a call :slight_smile:

Notes from the last EcoDAO call that happened on 20 April are published in this HackMD doc. :spiral_notepad:

The next EcoDAO call is scheduled on 25 May :spiral_calendar:

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