George - Contributor Proposal - Design & Animation

Hello dHEDGE community!

I’ve been assisting dHEDGE for quite some time now as one half of Epoch with Mike Eli. My main role here is content design and animation. Mike Eli and I are now engaged with dHEDGE as individuals and no longer Epoch. Below is my proposal for work completed late March and April.

Content completed:

  • Manager attraction graphic design
  • Co investor animation + graphic design
  • dHEDGE Ecosystem DAO banner design
  • dHEDGE investor two pager design
  • dTOP logo design
  • dTOP intro animation

Compensation Requested

  • 1,500 USDC

Wallet Address

Thank you!


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Hi George, Thank you for your ongoing contributions. We will process your rewards shortly.

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Hi @Taminater

Just following up on the proposal above as I haven’t received payment. Just wondering if you’ve had a chance to process this one?

Thank you

You should have received it.

Got it! Thank you very much.

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Awesome contributions George, thanks for all the support.

Would be great to have you involved more in the upcoming dHEDGE V2 release. Would you be interested to contribute creative animations for future campaigns?