High End Explainer Animated Video for dHEDGE

Hi dHEDGE DAO community,

I am Misa, I worked as a product and sales specialist in the financial intelligence space at global tier 1 firms (e.g. Dow Jones, Thomson Reuters, Wood Mackenzie and SWIFT), I’ve been involved in crypto communities since 2018 and recently leading marketing and communication strategies of DeFi projects through Bitfwd.

Proposal: I would like to produce a high-end explainer video for dHEDGE. I’m considering a 60-90 seconds brand video that explains the product in a clear and simple way, touching on the business model, and benefits for fund managers and investors.

Objective: To have an easy to understand explainer video that after people watch it they get a good understanding of what dHEDGE is. This video can be placed on the landing page, used on social channels and events. A short, sharp, aesthetically appealing and interesting video can capture attention more easily than texts and sticks to the memory better.

Reference: I’ve recently produced the landing page explainer video for Algomint.io (ALGOMINT Explained - YouTube). When distributed on social media it generated 61.7k impressions and 1,242 engagements on Twitter between 13th July and 30th July, from an account with less than 1,500 followers.

Budget: Estimated to be USDC 3200.
Timeline: 4-6 weeks
Associated work:
Creative content - Concept development, scripts writing, production + editing, iteration review
Studio work - Style framing, animation, sound design, music purchase, professional voice recording

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Having worked with Misa on projects before I strongly support this proposal.

The value for dHEDGE brand will be serve to have easier onboarding and having a slick and easy to understand explainer video really great to have on a landing page where people refer to when they take interest in a project

I support this. In depth explainer will help with continued growth and further understanding in the wider community.

@Misa What is your ETH address for compensation?

Thanks a lot for your support @exponent @Taminater ! Here’s my ETH address: 0x4f25dC0F65B06299446580C5acD743cb71DC5E28
I look forward to the deposit so I can start securing resources to help me accomplish this project.


Hi @Misa
Deposit is paid.


Looking forward to seeing this project come together! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Reach out to @exponent or myself if you need further guidance.

Thanks @Taminater will start with the project soon.

Hi @Taminater appligies as the video producer is unavailable now I won’t be able to produce this explainer video. Please provide your USDC address I will return the funds to you. Thanks, Misa

That’s a shame!


Thanks @Taminater just sent!

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