I can't invest into pool

I tried to invest into pool dHEDGE several times, but it is not possible. Preloader is still loading and nothing happend.

There is some error in console:
2.974c9ed8.chunk.js:sourcemap:2 Error: Invalid web3 fallback provided.
at 2.974c9ed8.chunk.js:sourcemap:2
at c (2.974c9ed8.chunk.js:sourcemap:2)
at Generator._invoke (2.974c9ed8.chunk.js:sourcemap:2)
at Generator.forEach.e. [as next] (2.974c9ed8.chunk.js:sourcemap:2)
at R (2.974c9ed8.chunk.js:sourcemap:2)
at st (2.974c9ed8.chunk.js:sourcemap:2)
at H (2.974c9ed8.chunk.js:sourcemap:2)
at K (2.974c9ed8.chunk.js:sourcemap:2)
at U (2.974c9ed8.chunk.js:sourcemap:2)
at R (2.974c9ed8.chunk.js:sourcemap:2)

I am using Chrome version 90.0.4430.212 (x86_64)

Could you let me know if is service working?


Can you jump in discord please