Investment Proposal 2: Matt Lorig

Manager Name: Matt Lorig

DAO Investment Proposal: 100,000 sUSD

Describe your Investment Strategy?
bot trading

What is your Risk Management policy?
this would be a long-only portfolio, so the risk is simply limited to the risk of holding the underlying assets

What is your previous Track Record?
I am an academic specializing in mathematical finance ( I collaborate with current and former quants at Morgan Stanley, Citi, BNY Mellon, Goldman. But, I have not personally managed portfolios.

Initial investment amount by you in your own pool?
I would contribute 100k of USD to my portfolio.

Strategy to build following on dHEDGE?
I would create a Medium article explaining in simple terms the mathematics behind the strategy. I would also create a website with a white-paper as well as create a discord chat.

What Performance Fee (%) will you charge on your pool?