Investment Proposal 4: Deep Crypto Dive

Manager Name: Deep Crypto Dive

DAO Investment Proposal: 40,000 sUSD

Describe your Investment Strategy?
Mainly focused on fundamentals: backing projects with a long-term vision and solid tokenomics. Yet, still adaptive to changing market conditions (i.e. discretionary). Currently riding the DeFi wave.

What is your Risk Management policy?
No impulsive decisions, no shorting, pre-defined and gradual exit targets for long-term holds.

What is your previous Track Record?

In USD terms:
MTD: 13.44%
QTD: 11.47%
YTD: 122.66%

Best Month: 49.52%
Average Month: 14.20%
Worst Month: -37.49%
Positive Months: 6 of 9

Initial investment amount by you in your own pool?
40,000 sUSD

Strategy to build following on dHEDGE?
Focus on providing the best returns for investors. The rest will follow.

What Performance Fee (%) will you charge on your pool?

Deep Crypto Dive’s fund called “Alchemy Fund” can be found here: