Kolektivo Labs - Contributor Proposal - BizDev & Design | July 2021

Hi dHEDGE community, Luuk here from Kolektivo Labs / PrimeDAO

This proposal aims to request compensation for the contributions made by me (BizDev), Gui (Designer) & Jaap (Designer) to dHEDGE in the months of June and July.

The following activities have been identified and executed in collaboration with @Taminater:

A. dHEDGE and Crab Market event Visuals (Gui / Luuk / Jaap)
Gui, Jaap, and I ideated and designed the event flyers and speaker banners for the Crab Market Event. Also made minor updates to existing visuals.

B. dHEDGE Explainer Video (Luuk)
We worked with @Taminater to start scoping out the next dHedge explainer videos

C. Kickstart Balancer conversation (Luuk)
I’ve hosted meetings with the Balancer and PrimeDAO team to discuss potential integrations with dHEDGE V2. Currently moving this to the next phase together with the dHEDGE team.

Compensation Request
Luuk (10 hrs): 0 USD + 1250 DHT
Jaap (5 hrs): 250 USD + 250 DHT
Gui (10 hrs): 250 USD + 500 DHT

Total – 500 USD + 2000 DHT

We would like to receive the funds on our shared wallet: 0xC126F092483F6c6250C94551DddA87D40f3c4798