Kolektivo Labs - Contributor Proposal - BizDev & Design | May 2021

Hi dHEDGE community, Luuk here from Kolektivo Labs / PrimeDAO

This proposal aims to request compensation for the contributions made by me (BizDev), Gui (Designer) & Felipe (Creative) to dHEDGE in the month of May. This is also an attempt at increasing our contribution to the dHEDGE Ecosystem.

The following activities have been identified and executed in collaboration with @Taminater:

A. Newsletter 1 & 2 support (Luuk)
I provided support in writing, graphics, and review for the first and second dHEDGE Community Newsletter.

B. dHEDGE Social Brand Assets (Gui / Luuk)
Gui and I ideated and designed an updated set of social media assets for dHEDGE. You can find the assets here.

C. dTop Explainer Video (Gui / Felipe / Luuk)
We worked with @Taminater to create a promotional video for the dTOP pool.

Compensation Request
Luuk (20 hrs): 1000 USD + 500 DHT
Felipe (10 hrs): 500 USD + 250 DHT
Gui (20 hrs): 500 USD + 500 DHT

Total – 2,500 USD + 1250 DHT

We would like to receive the funds on our shared wallet: 0xC126F092483F6c6250C94551DddA87D40f3c4798

Thanks @LuukDAO for your contributions to dHEDGE!
Looking forward to further contributions and collaborations.

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Hey @Taminater

Our Gnosis safe is having some issues - can you send the reward to this address instead: 0x5C89C420A9E82Ea9AEDBaAab03302e39982919b9