Ksw00k - Contributor Proposal - Marketing operations in Korean market. - April

Hi, dHEDGE community! It’s Ster again :slight_smile:

This proposal is written to share what kind of activities I did for April to take a step closer to the growth of dHEDGE ecosystem and to request compensation for them.

The activities operated in April are as follows:

A. Korean Telegram Community Management
• Share every articles and posts from dHEDGE Social accounts(Medium/Twitter) with TL;DR translation
• 24 hr management (12:00 - 20:00 Active management)
• Collection on community users’ feedback
• Host community event along with big news of dHEDGE

Korean community status

  • Total number of members – 485
  • Avg chat volume – 20~30
  • Major demographic – DHT holders (Mostly not user)
  • Comment
  • Some users wanted to know how fund managers hedged their risk during the recent short bear market.
  • If some managers’ performance is positive despite major cryptocurrency is going down, it would be great to do promotional activities such as having an interview with those managers so that it is possible to engrave users mind the thought that I may be able to hedge the risk for a bear market through dHEDGE.

B. Exposure dHEDGE in public Crypto Korean groups
All the contents including its original comments such as TL;DR & related article introduction, and so on

Introduction on dTOP - 3.0K
AAVE & dHEDGE community promo - 4.4K
dHEDGE DAO Spotlight - 3.4K
dHEDGE & Insurace partnership - 3.7K
dHEDGE, new synths support & updates - 2.8K
dHEDGE Korea – Weekly update, April 3&4th weeks

C. Translation on blog articles

Introduction on dTOP
1.8M sUSD investment on dHEDGE platform (past article translation)
DHT staking & Uber Pool introduction (past article translation)
Open Call for Managers: $1.45M to be invested
DataDash, Flood, and RealSatoshi to join dHEDGE

Compensation Request

  1. Moderator – 2 Moderators (24hr management) – 500 USDC + 300 DHT
  2. Original contents creation – 5 contents – 1000 USDC + 250 DHT
  3. Translation of Medium articles – 4 articles – 600 USDC + 200 DHT

Total – 2,100 USDC + 750 DHT

Thanks for your ongoing contribution!

What is you ETH address please?

Wallet address - 0x3aead54f78a6682d950b56539ba62f77759fe2dB

Forgot to share it too, sorry for the confusion :slight_smile: