Ksw00k - Contributor Proposal - Marketing operations in Korean market - July

Hi, dHEDGE community! It’s really looking forward to imagining the landscape that people easily participate in V2 and are free from the suffering by Gas fee.

I would like to suggest various events for bootstrapping the initial V2 use after the number of supported assets increased, but in this contribution proposal, let me share the summary of activities of the Korean community in July.

The summary of activities operated in June are as follows:

A. Korean Telegram Community Management

  • Share every articles and post from dHEDGE Social accounts(Medium/Twitter) with TL;DR ver translation.
  • 24 hr management (12:00 – 20:00 Active management)
  • Collection on community users’ feedback

Korean community status

  • Total number of members – 798
  • 18.6% Increase compared to last month
  • Major Topic
  1. dHEDGE V2 Audit
  2. Performace Mining
  3. Community Call
  4. Manager Portfolio
  5. dHEDGE Features

B. Exposure dHEDGE in public crypto Korean groups
All the contents including its original comments such as TL;DR & related article introduction, and so on.

The Uber pool has been rebalanced for Q2 – 3,655 views
Crab Market Vibe Check – 3,589 views
Community Call for July – 4,303 views
Crab Market Vibe Check Recap – 3,931 views

C. Original Content

dHEDGE Weekly Updates #1 – 2,406 views
dHEDGE Weekly Updates #2 – 2,686 views
dHEDGE Weekly Updates #3 – 3,283 views
dHedge July 28th News updates – 4,067 views

Compensation Request

Moderator – 2 Moderators (24hr management) – 500 USDC + 300 DHT
Original contents creation – 8 Contents -1600 USDC + 400 DHT

Total – 2100 USDC + 700 DHT
Wallet address - 0xf56A045f1d00bb76d84F4f5E1af09E3D63193F26

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July 2021 dHEDGE EcoDAO Contributor reward

Hello esteemed dHEDGE ecosystem and EcoDAO Councilors.

My contribution to the dHEDGE Ecosystem and council this past month include:

My reward address is: 0x394A7D83fCCC5552e7fE6e4EdBff77ADa5929645
Amount requested:
Total of: 999 DTOP monthly councillor reward

Hi John, the support Ellipti has for dHEDGE is great. I’d like to suggest that the original content creation be more of the nature of original blogs, education pieces etc. I think that it’s a tad steep to compensate 200 USDC + 50 DHT for Telegram posts. while I understand that it’s best to leave you the judgement as to what is the most effective medium to communicate original content, my intuition tells me there’s significant less effort in making Telegram posts compared to producing original blog posts etc. I’ll support it if it’d be reduced to 1/4 the price and suggest we review these parameters more carefully with the upcoming EcoDAO restructure.

Hi Lecky, could you please amend the reward request to contributor reward rather then councilor? This is because we haven’t yet gone through the formalities of nominating you as councilor, which will be most suitable with the upcoming EcoDAO revamp we’re preparing for.

Hi, thanks for the feedback about it.

Based on the suggestion you gave me, I will edit the amount of the reward as 400 USDT + 100 DHT for the content part.

Thank you. Best regards

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Not a problem, updated.

Thanks, respect that you find it reasonable.