Ksw00k - Contributor Proposal - Marketing operations in Korean market - March

Hi, dHEDGE community. This is Ster from Ellipti. It’s an honour to be contributing to expanding dHEDGE ecosystem in Korea.

We’ve run dHEDGE Korea community from 2020 September and, along with the transition of the dHEDGE governance system, we would like to submit this reward proposal to DAO.

The list of marketing operation which we have done & have kept contributing to dHEDGE in March (now too) are as follows:

A. Korean Telegram community management

  1. Share every articles or post by dHEDGE Social accounts(Medium/Twitter) with TL;DR translation
  2. 24hr management (12:00 - 20:00 Active magement)
  3. Collection on community users’ feedback
  4. Host community event along with big news of dHEDGE

B. Exposure dHEDGE in public Crypto Korean groups

  • All the contents including its original comments that TL;DR & related article introduction and so on
  1. Telegram: Contact @BlockTodaynews
  2. Telegram: Contact @BlockTodaynews
  3. Telegram: Contact @BlockTodaynews
  4. Telegram: Contact @BlockTodaynews
  5. Telegram: Contact @BlockTodaynews

C. Translation on blog articles

  • Not only conducting translation work on articles official dHEDGE medium, but also building own Korean medium from the scratch so that Korean users to get more familiar to approach the information of dHEDGE. The articles below are the contents translated in March.
  1. DHT 토큰 생성 이벤트. 신세틱스의 제로 슬리피지 트레이딩 모델과 상장된 자산 증가를 통해… | by dHEDGE KOREA | 디헷지 코리아 | Mar, 2021 | Medium

  2. DHT 인센티브, 메인넷 그리고 그 이후. 기록적인 이더리움의 가스비에도 불구하고 디헷지의 메사(Mesa)… | by dHEDGE KOREA | 디헷지 코리아 | Mar, 2021 | Medium

  3. 디헷지 로드맵 그리고 베스팅 업데이트. 디헷지의 메인넷 출시가 다가오면서, 우리는 로드맵을 더 많은 사람들과… | by dHEDGE KOREA | 디헷지 코리아 | Mar, 2021 | Medium

  4. 디헷지 메인넷 출시!. 디헷지 메인넷이 현재 출시 되었으며, dHedge.org 랜딩… | by dHEDGE KOREA | 디헷지 코리아 | Apr, 2021 | Medium

For the following months, we will operate those marketing activities continue to make the presence of dHEDGE in Korea bigger and the access for Korean users to dHEDGE easy.

Compensation Request

$2,000 USDC + 640 DHT($2,500)
Wallet address (ERC-20) : 0x3aead54f78a6682d950b56539ba62f77759fe2dB


Thank you for your ongoing contributions to dHEDGE. We would like to review and alter the parameters to accurately quantify contribution.

Translations of medium articles per publication 150 USDC + 50* DHT

It would also be good to see some metrics on the exposure dHEDGE is getting, number of views and number of managers on-boarded during March. Manager onboarded with $100k+ manager stake 800 DHT*

How active is the Korean telegram? Some measurements on exactly how much time is required to manage this community. Moderator 250 USDC + 150 DHT* pm

I think specific events can be itemised and rewarded on a case by case basis IE original content per publication 200 USDC + 50* DHT

Can you share metrics of the exposure in the public Korean crypto groups? It is important to to see how much engagement of the dHEDGE brand is being achieved.

*Note: DHT amount will be adjusted quarterly as per price

If you can update your post referencing the above points we are happy to go ahead.
Thanks for your ongoing support!

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Thanks for your feedback, Taminater.

Exposure status for each contents are as follows:

  1. dHEDGE Ecosystem DAO Announcement - 1.2K view
  2. sUSD/DHT LP Reward Announcement - 1.1K view
  3. Differential Smart Contract Audit Report - 1.1K view
  4. DHT new ATH - 1.4K view
  5. Featuring Fund Manager - Horizon Fund Management’s performance - 1.2K view

Korean community status is as follows:

  • Number of the community members: 415 ppl
  • Daily chat volume: 20~30
  • Major demographic: DHT holders
  • Comments:
  1. Most users are mainly focusing on DHT token itself (it’s price and staking APY)
  2. Some of the users showed interest in the performance of the fund managers but they preferred to focus the token play rather than participating in the ecosystem.
  • (Personal opinion) So, to attract people to use the platform considering the reactions of Korean members, it would be great to have a method to connect DHT with utilizing the platform in an active way, for example, adding DHT as their entry currency when users delegate their fund to managers.
  1. The Korean users showed favourable on the attempt of dHEDGE to reduce the gas fee but not satisfied with the result.
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Itemization on the contribution

  1. Translation of medium articles per publication - 4 articles - 600 USDC + 200 DHT
  2. Original contents creation - 5 contents - 1000 USDC + 250 DHT
  3. Moderator - 2 Moderators (24hr management) - 500 USDC + 300 DHT

Total - 2,100 USDC + 750 DHT

Please hope this information would help DAO’s decision making. Thank you :slight_smile:

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