Ksw00k - Contributor Proposal - Marketing operations in Korean market - NOV

Hi, dHEDGhogs :slight_smile: It’s Ster again. Hope you guys doing well. In this proposal, I will share you guys with the summary of activities that happened in the Korean dHEDGE community in November as usual.

The contents of the proposal are as follows:
A. Status of Korean Telegram Community
B. Status of Exposure Activities (dHEDGE in public Korean crypto groups)
C. Insight on the current Korean market
D. Compensation Request

A. Status of Korean Telegram Community

  • Main Activities
    a. Share & post every article/post from dHEDGEE’s Social accounts (Medium/Twitter)
    b. 24 HR Management (12:00 - 20:00 Active management)
    c. Collection on community users’ feedback

  • Korean community status
    a. Total number of members - 1,233
    - 1.5% Increased comparing to last month
    b. Major topics
    - Optimism
    - Immunefi
    - Relativity between dHEDGE SDK and DHT
    - Side effects of DAO

B. Status of Exposure Activities (dHEDGE in public Korean crypto groups)

C. Insight on the current Korean market

  1. Legislation delaying the Taxation of Digital Assets for One Year Approved The National Assembly held a committee meeting on November 29 and agreed to a revised income tax legislation, suspending the taxation of digital assets for one year. This is expected to lead to an increase of capital inflow into the domestic cryptocurrency market until taxation begins in 2023. From this news, the Korean community users expressed positive outlooks on the possibility of a more stable and transparent cryptocurrency market and predicted that it could lead to increased inerest from traditional non-crypto investors.

  2. Upbit NFT Market Launch On the 23rd, Upbit, Korea’s largest crypto exchange, launched its NFT trading platfrom, the “Upbit NFT Beta”, which naturally caused Korean investors to show marked interest in NFTs. This has been especially noticeable from domestic users as searches for NFTs recently surpassed 30,000. The trading fee revenue from Upbit’s NFT platform for the first day alone hit 100 million won (around 85,000 USD), which could stimulate NFT trading on Korean exchanges like it is with foreign exchanges such as Binance or FTX.

  3. Metaverse, NFT, GameFi Projects looking bullish During November, Metaverse, NFT, GameFi-related projects, of which Decentraland and Sandbox are noteworthy examples, experienced a marked upturn due to the success of the general metaverse sector in the crypto market. This ignited a search for the next big project that will ride the Metaverse wave within the Korean community. Simultaneously, there is a growing user base interested in new sectors such as Web 3.0 or DAOs.

D. Compensation Request

  • Moderator - 2 Moderators (24hr management) - 500 USDC + 300 DHT
  • Content Creation - 8 Posts - 400 USDC + 120 DHT
  • Translation - 1 Translation - 150 USDC + 50 DHT
  • Total 1050 USDC + 470 DHT
  • Wallet Address : 0xf56A045f1d00bb76d84F4f5E1af09E3D63193F26 (ETH/POLYGON)

Thanks for your contribution.


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