May 2021 dHEDGE EcoDAO Councilor reward thread

Hello dHEDGE community! This post will be a thread for all the EcoDAO councilors contributions for the month of May.

My contribution to the dHEDGE Ecosystem and council this past month include:

  • Organizing council operations as Chair, including contributor reward payouts and treasury management
  • Facilitating onboarding and council appointments
  • Ongoing moderation and community engagement(Discord, Twitter, etc.)
  • Organizing and presenting the Monthly community call

My reward address is: 0x203444AdD0835d95AAbbf7Ab92b18a69e1F640F1
Amount requested:
666 DHT (monthly)

May 2021 dHEDGE EcoDAO Councilor reward - Daniel Bar

Hello esteemed dHEDGE ecosystem and EcoDAO Councilors.

My contribution to the dHEDGE Ecosystem and council this past month include:

  • Supporting EcoDAO in onboarded partners and councilors (Kolektivo Labs team)
  • Introducing treasury management planning with purchase of DTOP
  • Knowledge transfer to @Taminater as new chair. Preparing for my final month as councilor to be either July or August, because you guys are rocking it and can roll!

My reward address is: 0x19857337DCE8E1297d87fc9b9fB80Ad43FBDCfD2
Amount requested:
Total of: 666 DHT monthly councilor

Apart from council service, I’m advising dHEDGE core on strategic growth verticals, decentralization roadmap and coordination of capital attraction to managers attraction campaigns liaising with leading venture funds.

Hey everyone. My contribution to the dHEDGE Ecosystem and council this past month include:

  • Promotion and marketing of dHedge on public forums like twitter and private networks
  • Actively managing the largest pool on dHedge
  • Liaising directly with the team around platform/protocol feedback and improvements
  • Integral part of bringing on new Managers to the platform via the DAO Investment

My reward address is: 0x733edAE6E38A04066d944bfBe233bc2021c8fc28
Amount requested:
666 DHT (monthly)

As a core contributor working closely with the council members, I will continue to bring value-add tools and bots to the dHEDGE community.

Hello Councilors and dHEDGE Community. My contributions to the dHEDGE Ecosystem and Council this past month include:

  • Helping out @taminater coordinate Community Call

  • Creating creative Marketing materials for Twitter and blogs

  • Collaborating on newsletter and articles

  • Editing and publishing video of the Community Call

My reward address is: 0x16D2AD8Cc04888b537bB7B631715335a901B57cA

666 DHT (monthly)

Hello dHEDGE community. My contributions to the dHEDGE ecosystem and council in May would be as the following:

  1. Leading Korean community growth
  2. Suggesting business development opportunities
  3. Suggesting GTM tactics based on the analysis on market dynamics

My reward address is: 0x3aead54f78a6682d950b56539ba62f77759fe2dB
Reward amount: 666 DHT (monthly)

Hey everyone. My contribution to the dHEDGE Ecosystem and council this past month include:

  • Review/Find new contributor for Bounty Program
  • Continue with new Discord bots for new stats/alerts and dTOP
  • Continue coordination efforts between our dHEDGE Guardians, Core team, managers/investors and developers.
  • Promotion of dHEDGE in private networks

My reward address is: 0x2cF1A2d9A6163B87d33E74B6923A661a56366c43
Amount requested:
666 DHT (monthly)

I will continue to coordinate with our managers, users and community on new ideas, features, UX improvements.

Sergei Chan - Proposal - March

Hi everyone, sorry for being a little bit late with a response. During the past month, I’ve been contributing to dHEDGE ecosystem in various ways including:

  • Managing Ru community and community moderator (Artem) - Telegram: Contact @dhedgeru
  • Managing and growing Super dHEDGE hogs telegram group with dHEDGE power users
  • Contributing with product and growth ideas across dhedge ecosystem

My reward address is: 0xDa28ddF14Ec309F3f506315Da623618F8D829F10
Amount requested:
666 DHT (monthly)