Nominating Ellipti to dHEDGE EcoDAO Council

This proposal is to nominate Ellipti as a councillor for the dHEDGE EcoDAO.

Ellipti is a cross-border accelerator, building an ecosystem with solid founders and teams to navigate the market with excellence based on the right strategy and implementations in the Korean and APAC markets. Focusing on the importance of actual ‘execution’, Ellipti engages with the team’s growth from start to end, assessing the current status, bring up the best strategy, and carry out with the team to achieve its full potential. Based in South Korea, Ellipti has worked with numerous solid projects as a robust bridge in GTM (Go-To-Market) Advisory / Community Growth / Marketing & PR / Business Development / Investment.

Starting from September 2020, Ellipti has lead dHEDGE Korean community’s growth and expanded the presence of dHEDGE in Korea by building infrastructure from scratch, mainly pushing out educational contents that would lead Korean users approach to dHEDGE easier.

Also, Ellipti has continuously shared suggestions on product development & crypto-play strategy during ecoDAO calls and the real feedback from Korean community to enhance the product UX & conversion rate.

Starting from May, Ellipti plans to further engage with the dHedge ecosystem.

Below is the list of contributions that Ellipti have done so far.

  • Translation of Medium articles into Korean
  • Creation of educational materials
  • Korean dHEDGE Community growth & management
  • Marketing Campaigns for Korean dHEDGE community growth
  • Increase of exposure of dHEDGE to Korean public crypto groups
  • Sharing Korean user feedback/data and suggesting GTM strategies in EcoDAO Community Call

I believe Ellipti would be an amazing asset and look forward to collaborating together!


Strongly support this nomination. @JohnKwak @ksw00k and :snake: of Ellipti have all been a fantastic contributor to the dHEDGE ecosystem even since the early testnet competition days.

@exponent Thanks for the shout-out & @Taminater thanks for the overall lead.

Hi Hedge-hogs, thanks for supporting us to become an EcoDAO council member.

Looking forward to more engaged with dHEDGE as one of the council members of dHEDGE EcoDAO.

Thank you.

Ellipti address: 0x3aead54f78a6682d950b56539ba62f77759fe2dB

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+1 from me. Would love to see John and Ellipti in dhedge’s council