Nominating LuukDAO for the dHEDGE EcoDAO Council

This proposal is to nominate @LuukDAO as a councilor for the dHEDGE EcoDAO.

Luuk is an experienced DAO contributor and DeFi asset manager.

From December 2020, Luuk has managed Tactical DeFi, a balanced DeFi portfolio that was included in the first Open Call for Managers. He continued to champion the dHEDGE technology and worked out a proposal for PrimeDAO to create the Prime DeFi, a DeFi portfolio that leverages the permissionless research created by Prime Rating to position in the best DeFi protocols.

Luuk is also the founder of Kolektivo Labs, a Web 3.0 design and development agency that supports multiple top tier DAOs. Since May 2021, Luuk and his team have been actively providing hands-on design and communication support to dHEDGE.

Below is the list of contributions that Luuk and the team of Kolektivo Labs have made till date:

  • Support with the creation of newsletter 1 & 2

  • Create the new dHEDGE Social Brand Assets

  • Design and create the dTOP Explainer Video

  • Run the Tactical DeFi pool:

  • Ideate, propose, promote and co-manage the Prime DeFi pool:

Luuk aims to contribute to the EcoDAO Council by evangelizing the dHEDGE technology, conducting UX research with other managers and users, providing strategic and tactical input around key areas such as DAO operations, Governance frameworks and asset management strategies.

I support Luuk’s nomination. Knowing Luuk for over 2 years through several collaborations we’ve had in the DAO ecosystem, I feel confident about his work ethics, integrity and abilities to contribute to the dHEDGE EcoDAO and make a positives impact on dHEDGE DAO ecosystem through evaluating decision and devising strategic plans for product growth paths.